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Welcome to a new season full of sweet grove-fresh Florida citrus.

You’ll find something for everyone on your list. We have all your fruit favorites, big gifts, little gifts, fancy gifts, thoughtful gifts all picked fresh at season’s peak and sent to you and yours. From our grove to your table!

Delivery Update

For Christmas, Order By December 12th by 5PM EST

However, if you miss a deadline, we offer Priority Mail Upgrade packages, or we can send a Free Holiday Card announcing that a gift from you is on its way.

  • Shipping Information

    Approximately how long from time of shipping does it take a package to reach the recipient?

    Please allow up to 7 days for package delivery from the day the package is shipped. Packages are not shipped the day you place your order. Please allow a few days for order processing, especially near Holiday Deadlines.

Our quality citrus and wide variety of gift baskets are available November through May and are “just ripe” for so many occasions! You will find many other great gift ideas available 12 months of the year. For those of you who are short on time, we now offer Expedited Mail Service (call for rates). And when ordering, don’t forget to treat yourself to one of our sun-raised delights.

Sun Groves Fall 2021 Sale
Sun Groves Fall 2021 Sale
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