Most Commonly Asked Questions with Answers

Q: Approximately how much fruit is in a 1/4 bushel, 1/2 bushel, 3/4 bushel and a Full bushel box?


Size:  Oranges  Grapefruits
 1/4 Bushel  6 - 7  4 - 5
 2/5 Bushel  12 - 15  4 - 5
 1/2 Bushel  12 - 15  7 - 10
 3/4 Bushel  24 - 30  7 - 10
 Bushel  22 - 28  12 - 18

Q: How much does a 1/4 Bushel, a 1/2 Bushel, 3/4 bushel and a full Bushel weigh?


 Size  Weight (approx.)
 Full Bushel  45 lbs
 3/4 Bushel  35 lbs
 1/2 Bushel  25 lbs
 2/5 Bushel  15-18 lbs
 1/4 Bushel
 10-12 lbs
1/4 Bushel 8 lbs.

Q: Approximately how long from time of shipping does it take a package to reach the recipient?

A: Please allow 7 - 10 days for package delivery from the day the package is shipped. Packages are not shipped the day you place your order. Please allow a few days for order processing, especially near Holiday Deadlines. For current weekly shipping information, please see "About Shipping" at the top of each category page.

Q: How will my fruit be delivered?

A: There are two ways your fruit can be delivered:

1. Shipments are sent on temperature controlled trucks directly to the U.S Bulk Mail Center closest to your recipient. They are then delivered through the U.S. Mail System by local carriers.

2. When time is of the essence we can offer 1,2 & 3 day expedited service (there is an additional fee).

Q: Where can I have fruit delivered?

A: We ship within the continental United States and Canada. AZ, CA, LA, NV and TX require special handling. Shipping to Alaska requires Priority Mail shipping at an extra cost. When in doubt please ask .

Q: What is the deadline for guaranteed delivery for Thanksgiving & Christmas?

A: : Thanksgiving - Nov 15th
Chanukah - Nov. 22nd
Christmas - Dec. 13th

Q: If I don't make the the deadline does that mean my fruit will not be there for the Holiday?

A: Depending on the destination there is a possibility shipments will arrive for the holiday, however, we cannot guarantee delivery. We do recommend expedited delivery after our cut-off dates. Please call for rates.

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